Munoz013019SPRINGFIELD – Chicago could soon have an elected school board under a proposed measure sponsored by Assistant Majority Leader Tony Munoz (D-Chicago).

Senate Bill 153 would allow for the election of the Chicago Board of Education starting with the 2023 primary election.

“Our communities’ concerns have long been ignored by a school board that is appointed and beholden to the mayor,” Munoz said. “The children of Chicago deserve better from the people who make decisions that affect the rest of their lives.”

Chicago would be divided into 20 electoral districts by the General Assembly with one board member being elected from each district.

The CBE has been appointed by the mayor of the City of Chicago since 1995.

Munoz012919SPRINGFIELD- Those looking to appear on Illinois ballots as presidential and vice-presidential candidates could soon be required to release their tax returns under a proposal recently introduced by Assistant Majority Leader Tony Munoz (D-Chicago).

Senate Bill 145 requires presidential candidates to file the five most recent years’ tax returns with the Secretary of State.

“Our current president has created the need for this requirement,” Munoz said. “The public has the right to know if a presidential candidate could be put in the position where he or she is making policy decisions for personal financial gain.”

Candidates will need to file their returns five days prior to the date set for certification of the ballot for the general election.

The legislation is assigned to the Senate Executive Committee and awaits a hearing.

Munoz012419SPRINGFIELD- Assistant Majority Leader Tony Munoz (D-Chicago) commends Gov. JB Pritzker for expressing his commitment to Illinois’ immigrant community.

The governor signed an executive order on Thursday that strengthens Illinois’ commitment to immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

“Our immigrant communities have been under attack by harmful rhetoric and measures rooted in racism and xenophobia from the White House. We cannot allow families throughout our state to live in fear, and I’m glad to see that our new administration sees the importance of Welcoming Centers along with other resources that help immigrants establish their lives here.”

Munoz011719CHICAGO- A measure approved shortly after the killing of Chicago Police Commander Paul Bauer to combat illegal gun trafficking became law today.

Senate Bill 337 requires gun dealers to be certified with the Illinois State Police and to train employees on conducting background checks and taking measures to prevent theft. Assistant Majority Leader Tony Munoz (D-Chicago) released the following statement on the signing of the new law:

“Since my time serving as a Chicago police officer, it’s been my priority to find ways to prevent the illegal sales that put guns in the hands of wrongdoers. We are creating a way for the State to keep track of gun sales and make sure that all gun dealers are playing a part in keeping our communities safe.

“I applaud Governor Pritzker for starting off his first week in office by taking action on a commonsense measure that was long overdue.”

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