SPRINGFIELD – To reduce the number of stolen car parts, Assistant Majority Leader Tony Munoz (D-Chicago) is sponsoring a measure that would require people to keep record of the sale of catalytic converters that passed the Senate Transportation Committee Tuesday.Senator Munoz

“The increase in catalytic converter thefts is unjustifiable,” Munoz said. “We have to find a way to protect people’s vehicles by tightening the law that many are finding a way around.”

House Bill 107 would add catalytic converters to the definition of recyclable metal, requiring record keeping on the purchase of catalytic converters. The license plate number of the vehicle, photographs or video of the seller, a verified name and address of the seller and a signed declaration by the seller stating that the catalytic converter was stolen would be required.

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CHICAGO – The National Museum of Mexican Art is set to receive $750,000 to make improvements and create new exhibits, thanks to support from Assistant Majority Leader Tony Munoz (D-Chicago).National Museum of MexicanArt

“Museums give people an experience to learn and understand our history,” Munoz said. “The National Museum for Mexican Art is extraordinary with rich visuals and eccentric exhibits. This funding will expand the museum’s arts for visitors from all over to enjoy.”

Overseen by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the Illinois Public Museum Capital Grants Program is open to any museum operated by a local government or built on municipally owned land. The maximum grant award for projects is $750,000, and matching funds are often required based on museum attendance.

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SPRINGFIELD – Assistant Majority Leader Tony Munoz (D-Chicago) released the following statement regarding the selection of Michael P. McCuskey as the Legislative Inspector General:

“It is vital that we prioritize the ethical oversight of the General Assembly. The Legislative Inspector General must be honest and understand the need to hold public servants to the highest standard of conduct. As an individual who serves with honor and respect, I commend the selection of Michael P. McCuskey as the new Legislative Inspector General.

“McCuskey’s integrity is shown throughout his professional career and dedication to the law. His work in public service to our state and nation is honorable. McCuskey’s integrity proves that he is qualified and will uphold the essential ethical duties of the Legislative Inspector General.”

CHICAGO – To revitalize the community while prioritizing businesses and affordable housing, Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council will receive nearly $1.5 million, Assistant Majority Leader Tony Munoz (D-Chicago) announced Tuesday.Senator Munoz

The Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council is a not-for-profit community organization serving a large area of Chicago’s Southwest Side, including the communities of Brighton Park, McKinley Park and New City. BYNC was created in response to growing social issues, including social disorganization, unemployment, poor housing, and juvenile delinquency, and continues today to organize residents and bring social services and economic resources to the community.

“We need to continue uplifting our community and prioritizing local businesses to create a better future,” Munoz said. “This essential funding will boost the local economy by bringing more affordable housing and investing in the community.”

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