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Munoz051018SPRINGFIELD- Assistant Majority Leader Antonio “Tony” Munoz (D-Chicago) advanced legislation Wednesday giving the Illinois State Police tools to better evaluate Firearm Owners Identification Card applications.

“We want to make sure we’re not handing out FOID cards to individuals who are a potential threat to public safety,” Munoz said. “And we want to make sure the Illinois State Police have the proper information to evaluate these applications.”

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Munoz050218SPRINGFIELD – Assistant Illinois Senate Majority Leader Tony Munoz (D-Chicago) is working to close a loophole that allows car thieves to avoid accountability in court.

Currently, officers are required to establish if the person driving a stolen vehicle has “knowledge” that the vehicle is stolen or converted in order to pursue charges. Knowledge is especially difficult to prove when the driver has the keys to a stolen vehicle, as occurs when a vehicle is obtained after a carjacking.

“Current law makes it too easy for car thieves to avoid taking full responsibility for their crimes,” Munoz said. “This measure gives law enforcement the tools to hold offenders accountable and get justice for car owners who are victims to these crimes.”

Senate Bill 2339 changes the law so “knowledge” that a vehicle is stolen may be inferred from surrounding facts and circumstances, which would lead a reasonable person to believe that the vehicle was stolen.

The legislation also creates a new process to deal with minors held for carjacking or possession of a stolen motor vehicle. The change would require minors charged with those crimes to be evaluated and given access to counseling and other recommended services.

The plan will now move to the House for consideration.

Munoz050218SPRINGFIELD – El Líder Asistente de la Mayoría del Senado de Illinois, Antonio “Tony” Muñoz (D-Chicago), trabaja para cerrar una laguna legal que permite que los ladrones de autos evadan rendir cuentas en la corte.

Actualmente, los oficiales del orden están obligados a probar que un individuo que conduce un vehículo robado tiene “conocimiento” de que se trata de un auto robado para presentarle cargos. Ese “conocimiento” es muy difícil de comprobar cuando el conductor tiene las llaves de un vehículo robado, como ocurre cuando se detiene un auto después de que el vehículo fue arrebatado a la fuerza de su propietario.
“La ley actual da una salida fácil a los ladrones para que puedan evitar asumir responsabilidad por sus delitos”, dijo Muñoz. “Esta medida da las herramientas a los agentes del orden para que finquen responsabilidad a quienes violan la ley, y otorgar justicia a los propietarios de vehículos que han sido víctimas de este delito”.

La iniciativa SB 2339 cambia la ley para que el “conocimiento” de que un vehículo es robado pueda ser determinado por elementos y circunstancias relativos a la investigación, que permitirán que una persona razonable concluya que el auto es, en efecto, robado.

La legislación también crea un nuevo proceso para lidiar con los menores de edad detenidos por robo o posesión de un vehículo automotor robado. El cambio  requiere que los menores acusados sean evaluados y tengan acceso a consejería y otros servicios recomendados.

El plan fue enviado a la Cámara de Representantes para su consideración.

Munoz042718 2SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Senate approved a proposal Thursday that would help protect immigrants who are crime victims and who cooperate with the police. Those who work with police on human trafficking or other severe crimes will receive paperwork certifying that they were the victim of a qualifying crime as is requested to apply for certain visas.  Assistant Majority Leader Tony Munoz (D-Chicago), co-sponsor of Senate Bill 34, released the following statement on the legislation.

“The current anti-immigrant political climate has forced many into hiding, which has had a negative effect on crime reporting and made it easier for human traffickers and other criminals to get away with their crimes. I hope this measure encourages crime victims to come forward and help police make our streets safer for everyone.”

Learn more about the proposal: http://illinoissenatedemocrats.com/caucus-news/feature-story-archive/6321-senate-advances-protections-for-immigrants-who-assist-police

When Undocumented Immigrants Don't Report Crimes, We All Suffer


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